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Estate of Solomon Williams.


Vicey Artis, a free woman of color, and Solomon Williams, a slave, had eleven children together — Zilpha Artis Wilson, Adam Toussaint Artis, Jane Artis Artis, Loumiza Artis Artis, Charity Artis, Lewis Artis, Jonah Williams, Jethro Artis, Jesse Artis, Richard Artis and Delilah Williams Exum — before they were able to marry legally.  On 31 August 1866, they registered their 35-year cohabitation in Wayne County.  Vicey died soon after, but Solomon lived until 1883.  The document above, listing his and Vicey’s six surviving children and heirs of their deceased children, is found among his estate papers, now held at the North Carolina State Archives.

In the 1850 census of Bull Head district, Greene County, Vicy Artess is listed with children Zilpha, Louis, Jonah, Jethro, and Richard Artess.  Next door, her and Solomon’s children Adam, Charity and Jane appear in the household of Silas Bryant, to whom they apparently were apprenticed.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: MISCELLANEOUS, no. 4.

Frances Diggs.  Died 22 April 1927, Nahunta, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of William Diggs.  Age 85. Born Wayne County to Jim Yelverton and Elizah Artis. Informant, Elijah Diggs.

Delilah Exum. Died 18 July 1934, Nahunta, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of Simon Exum. 87 years old. Born Wayne County to Solomon Artis and Lovicy Anderson.

N.B.: In fact, Delilah Exum’s parents were Solomon Williams and Vicey Artis.  She was a sister of Adam T. Artis.

Washington Lane. Died 26 Feb 1934, Goldsboro, Wayne County. Resided 703 E. Elm Street. Colored. Widower. Age 80. Born Greene County to Gui Lane and Silvernane Artis. Buried Fields cemetery.  Informant, Ana Sauls.

In Bull Head, Greene County: Dannel,17, Mike, 13, Penney, 12, Dyner, 9, Juley, 7, and Washington Artes, 5, listed in the household of white farmer John Lane.  

Ann Liza Manuel.  Died 29 March 1925, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of Alvin Manuel. Born 1841, Sampson County to Raiford Brewington and Basheba Brewington, both of Sampson County. Informant, Randolph Winn.

In the 1850 census of Northern District, Sampson County: Raiford Brewington, 38, cooper; wife Barsheba, 33; and children Nancy, 13, Thomas, 10, Lucy, 9, Ann, 7, James, 5, Hardy, 3, Joshua, 2, and Raiford, 2 months; plus Hardy Manuel, 17; all mulatto.

Mikel Manuel.  Died 5 April 1922, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Widower of Annie Manuel. Age 85. Born Sampson County to unknown parents. Informant, Ashley Manuel.

In the 1850 census of Northern District, Sampson County: Michael Manuel, 63, cooper; wife Fereby, 49; and children Gideon, 19, Cintilla, 16, Drusilla, 15, Michael, 13, Eden, 11, John, 9, William, 7, Enoch, 4, and Nancy, 1; all described as mulatto.

Nancy Seabury.  Died 26 July 1914, Goldsboro, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of Archie Powell. Born 1834, Johnston County, to unknown parents. Informant, Nelson Seabury.

Surnames: Greene County, 1850.


He has a free woman for his wife.

$25 REWARD.  RAN AWAY from the subscriber in February last, my Negro man BOB, commonly called Amason hopping Bob, well known in the neighborhood of Stantonsburg.  He has a free woman for his wife, one of old Stephen Mitchell‘s daughters.

She and old Mitchell live in the neighborhood of Theophilus Eason, in the edge of Greene county, where it is supposed Bob is lurking about.  All persons are forewarned employing, harboring or giving him aid, or countenancing him in any way, under penalty of the law.  I will give the above reward of $25, and all reasonable expenses paid, to have him confined in any jail so that I can get him again — or delivered to Mr. William Barnes, on White Oak, in Edgecombe County.  JOSEPH J.M. BARNES.

Tarboro Press, 1 Feb 1840.