He has a free woman for his wife.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

$25 REWARD.  RAN AWAY from the subscriber in February last, my Negro man BOB, commonly called Amason hopping Bob, well known in the neighborhood of Stantonsburg.  He has a free woman for his wife, one of old Stephen Mitchell‘s daughters.

She and old Mitchell live in the neighborhood of Theophilus Eason, in the edge of Greene county, where it is supposed Bob is lurking about.  All persons are forewarned employing, harboring or giving him aid, or countenancing him in any way, under penalty of the law.  I will give the above reward of $25, and all reasonable expenses paid, to have him confined in any jail so that I can get him again — or delivered to Mr. William Barnes, on White Oak, in Edgecombe County.  JOSEPH J.M. BARNES.

Tarboro Press, 1 Feb 1840.