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He was ignorant of his right.

59th CONGRESS, 1st Session}  SENATE. {DOCUMENT No. 471.

[Court of Claims. Congressional, No. 11397. Hardy A. Brewington, administrator of the estate of Raiford Brewington, deceased, v. The United States.]


Senate Bill 4292, reading as follows, was introduced on February 10, 1904, and was referred to this court on April 28, 1904, by resolution of the Senate for findings of fact under the terms of section 14 of the act approved March 3, 1887, and commonly known as the Tucker Act.


  1. Claimant’s decedent, Raiford Brewington, was a free colored man, residing during the late civil war in Sampson County, N.C., and throughout said war he remained loyal to the United States Government.
  2. During said war the United States military forces, under proper authority, took from claimant’s decedent, in Sampson County, N.C., for the use of the Army, quartermaster stores and commissary supplies of the kinds described in the petition, which at the time and place of taking were reasonably worth the sum of five hundred and thirty dollars ($530.) No payment appears to have been made for said property of any part thereof.
  3. It appears from the evidence that claimants decedent was a colored man, who was ignorant of his right to present a claim to the Claims Commission established by the act approved March 3, 1871, during the two years allowed by law for filing of claims before said Commission. There was no other opportunity for presentation of this claim save by petition to Congress. These facts are reported as bearing upon the question  of whether there has been delay or laches in the presentation of said claim.    By the Court.

Filed May 14, 1906.

A true copy: Test this 32st day of May, 1906 [seal.]      John Randolph, Assistant Clerk Court of Claims

United States Congressional Serial Set, Issue 4916, p. 41.

Nathan R. Brewington.

ImageNATHAN R. BREWINGTON, born 1 April 1859 in Sampson County, was the son of Raiford Brewington and Bashaba Manuel Brewington.  He married Abbie Jane Jacobs, daughter of Jesse A. Jacobs and Abigail Gilliam Jacobs, and died 11 December 1910 near Dudley, Wayne County.  He is buried in the Congregational Church cemetery there. “We loved him but Jesus loved him best.”

Photograph taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, 2010.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: BREWINGTON.

Simon Brewington.  Died 9 June 1933, Saddle Tree, Robeson County.  Indian. Married to Rhoda Brewington.  Born 4 Feb 1851, Sampson County, to Raiford Brewington and Bash Marine McQueen.  Farmer.  Informant, L.W. Brewington, Lumberton NC.  [Duplicate: Simon Brewington.  Died 9 June 1933, Saddle Tree, Robeson County.  Indian. Married to Rhoda Brewington.  Age 81. Born Sampson County, to Raeford Brewington and Mary McDuncan.  Farmer.  Informant, L.W. Brewington, Lumberton NC.

Allen B. Brewington.  Died 18 Aug 1926, Honeycutts, Sampson County.  Indian. Single. Age 70 years, 1 month, 20 days.  Born Sampson County to Raiford Brewington and Bashia Manuel.  Buried Brewington graveyard. Informant. J. Arthur Brewington, Clinton NC.

Ann Liza Manuel.  Died 29 March 1925, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of Alvin Manuel. Born 1841, Sampson County to Raiford Brewington and Basheba Brewington, both of Sampson County. Informant, Randolph Winn.

In the 1860 census of Honeycutts, Sampson County: Raiford Brewington, 48, farmer; wife Basheba, 45; and children Thomas, 21, Ann E., 17, James, 15, Hardy, 13, Joshua, 11, Raiford, 9, Simon P., 8, Polla A., 6, Allen B., 4, and Nathan, 1; all mulatto.

Mary Taylor Maynor.  Died 3 March 1918, Fayetteville, Cumberland County.  Cherokee Indian. Widowed. Age 86.  Born NC to Nathan Brewington and Matilda Chestnut, both of NC.  Informant, Della Holliday, Fayetteville NC.

In the 1850 census of the Northern Division, Sampson County: Nathan Brewington, 35, laborer; wife Matilda, 34; and children William, 15, George, 13, Mary, 11, Susan, 10, John, 8, Partially, 5, Sarah, 4, and Amma, 1; plus Bunion Manuel, 24; all mulatto.

Andrew Brewington.  Died 4 Sep 1920, Sampson County.  Negro. Married to Absilla Brewington. Age 70. Farming. Born in NC to Johnson Brewington and unknown mother.  Informant, D.A. Brewington.

Polly Ann Jackson.  Died 24 Jan 1915, Dismal, Sampson County.  Negro. Widowed. Age 57. Born Sampson County to Johnson Brewington and Nancy Jane Manuel, both of Sampson County.  Buried Willie Bass graveyard, Sampson County. Informant, Jansie D. Williams, Cooper NC.

In the 1860 census of the Northern Division of Sampson County, Johnson Bruington, 50, cooper; wife Nancy, 45; and children Young, 12, Charles, 13, Johnson, 12, Andrew, 9, Mary, 8, Elizabeth, 7, William, 6, Alexandria, 5, Matilda, 3, and Adolphus, 1, all mulatto.

Abbie Jane Brewington.  Died 16 Jan 1933, Dunn, Harnett County. Colored. Widow of Nathan Brewington. Age 71. Born Sampson County to Jesse Jacobs and Abbie Jane Jacobs, both of Sampson County.  Buried Wilkins cemetery.  Informant, Rena Goodman (daughter), Dunn NC.

A free mulatto man may have led her away.

Ranaway.  A mulatto woman by the name of LUCY, about 23 years old, of medium size, but now quite corpulent.

Said woman is probably in or near Town, but may have been led off in the direction of Newbern by Bill Bruinton, a free mulatto man who has been to work as a Carpenter probably on the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad at a Depot North of Warsaw.  I will pay $25 for the delivery of said girl to me or lodged in Jail in town. If found in this County, $50 is said girl is found in any other County and confined in the Jail of the same, the party arresting me early information of he same.  JNO. D. WILLIAMS, Fayetteville, Aug. 25, 1840

Fayetteville Observer, 14 November 1862.

Where are they now? No. 14.

B.M. was born in Queens NY in the early 1960s.  He is descended from:

(1) Raiford Brewington [1812-1896, Sampson County] via Polly Ann Brewington [-1890, Sampson/Wayne County]

(2) Millie Hale [1755-1855, Sampson County]

(3) Sion Hardin [1775-1850, Sampson County] via Zilphia Hardin [1794-1860, Sampson County]

(4) Jesse A. Jacobs [1822-1902, Sampson/Wayne County] via John R. Jacobs [1850-1922, Sampson/Wayne County]

(5) Nicholas Manuel [1750-1835, Sampson County] via Shadrach Manuel [1781-1860] via Bathsheba Manuel [1812-??, Sampson/Wayne County]


Where are they now? No. 5.

B.J. was born in the mid-1970s in New York.  She is descended from:

(1) Robert Aldridge [1819-1899, Duplin/Wayne County] via Amelia Aldridge [1855-1895, Wayne County]

(2) Mary Eliza Balkcum [1829-1924, Duplin/Wayne County]

(3) Hannah Brewington [1775-1850, Sampson County] via Raiford Brewington [1812-1896, Sampson/Wayne County] via Joshua Brewington [1847-??, Sampson/Wayne County]

(4) Abraham Hardin [??-??, Sampson County] via Sion Hardin [??-??, Sampson County] via Zilpha Hardin [1794-1860, Sampson County]

(5) Ephraim Manuel [1730-??, Sampson County] via Nicholas Manuel [1752-1835, Sampson County] via Shadrach Manuel [1775-1870, Sampson County] via Bathsheba Manuel [1818-??, Sampson/Wayne County]

Free-Issue Death Certificates: ARMWOOD

Penny Armwood.  Died 27 Apr 1925, Little Coharie township, Sampson County.  Resided 4 miles south of Roseboro.  Widow of Henry Armwood.  Black.  Born 1 Sep 1829 in Sampson County to Richard Armwood and Mary Faircloth, both of North Carolina. Buried W.R. McKenzie Col. Cem. Informant, James Armwood.

Penny’s husband Henry appears as a 16 year-old in the household of John and Susan Armwood in the 1850 census of the Northern Division of Sampson County.

Martha Armwood.  Died 7 May 1927, Faison, Duplin County.  Colored.  Widow of William Armwood.  Born 16 May 1831 to Jim Simmons and Winnie Medley, both of NC.  Buried in Sampson County.  Informant, Everett Armwood, Faison.

Eleven year-old Martha Simmons appears in her parents James and Winney Simmons’ household in the 1850 census of Northern Division of Sampson County.

Kilbey Armwood.  Died 2 Feb 1855, Faison, Duplin County.  Colored.  Widower.  Farmer.  Born 5 Feb 1855 in Sampson County to William Armwood and Martha Brewington. Buried family cemetery in Faison.  Informant, Almond Armwood, Faison.

William (26) and Martha Armwood (21) appear in the 1860 census of Turkey township, Sampson County with children, including Mary Ann (1).

William Armwood.  Died 23 Oct 1926, Faison, Duplin County.  Colored. Age 97 years, 6 months, 7 days. Married to Martha Armwood.  Farmer.  Born in Sampson County to Major Armwood and Liza Armwood.  Buried in Duplin County.  Informant, Wilsy Armwood, Faison.

In the 1850 census of the Northern Division of Sampson County: Major (53), Eliza (42) and William Armwood (14).

Polly Ann Simmons.  Died 5 July 1940 at Duke Hospital, Durham.  Resided in Clinton, Sampson County. Indian.  Widow of Cisroe Williams Simmons. Born 1 May 1856 in Sampson County to William Armwood and Mattie Simmons.  Informant, E.J. Simmons, Clinton.