A free mulatto man may have led her away.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Ranaway.  A mulatto woman by the name of LUCY, about 23 years old, of medium size, but now quite corpulent.

Said woman is probably in or near Town, but may have been led off in the direction of Newbern by Bill Bruinton, a free mulatto man who has been to work as a Carpenter probably on the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad at a Depot North of Warsaw.  I will pay $25 for the delivery of said girl to me or lodged in Jail in town. If found in this County, $50 is said girl is found in any other County and confined in the Jail of the same, the party arresting me early information of he same.  JNO. D. WILLIAMS, Fayetteville, Aug. 25, 1840

Fayetteville Observer, 14 November 1862.