From father to sons.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Waddle Cade to George W. Chesnut & Andrew J. Chesnut

This Indenture, made this Sixth day of June in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty six between Waddle Cade of the County of Cumberland and town of Fayetteville in the State of North Carolina of the one part, and George Washington Chesnut and Andrew Jackson Chesnut of the County of Cumberland and State of aforesaid, of the other part: Witnesseth, that the said Waddle Cade for in consideration of the Sum of Twenty dollars to him in hand paid by the said George Washington & Andrew Jackson Chesnut at and before the sealing and delivering of these presents, the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, hath given, granted and bargained, sold, aliened, remised, released and confirmed, and doth by these presents, give, grant, bargain and sell, alien, remise, release and confirm unto the said George Washington Chesnut and Andrew Jackson Chesnut all that tract or parcel of Land Situate, lying and being in the County of Cumberland and town of Fayetteville. Beginning at a Stone on the Intersection of Morgan & Russell Streets [insert illegible] North Seventy degrees West along the North edge of Russell Street two chains to a Stone Mordica Cohens South East corner, Thence along said Cohens last line North twenty degrees East five chains more or less to a Stake half the distance from Russell to Person Street thence South seventy degrees East along the dividing line of Goodorum Davis’ Say that part of the two acres lot drawn by Thomas Davis Junr. Two chains to a Stone on the West side of Morgan Street half the distance as stated above then South twenty degrees West five chains more or less with said Street to the Beginning containing One acre more or less being the one half of a Lot containing two acres drawn by Thomas D. Burch at the division of Dolphin Davis Estate reference to the Records will more fully appear. – To have and to hold the said land, with appurtenances, to the only proper use, behoof and benefit of the said George Washington Chesnut and Andrew Jackson Chesnnut their heirs and assigns, and every of them shall have hold occupy, possess and enjoy the said land, with its appurtenances, without any let, suit, hindrance, molestation, or eviction from or by the lawful claim or claims of any person or persons whatsoever, to warrant and forever defend. – In Witness whereof, the said Waddle Cade has hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written. – Waddle Cade {seal}

Sealed & delivered in presence of Archd. N. McLean, Neal Shaw

State of North Carolina, Cumberland County  } Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions June Term 1836 – then was the Execution of this Deed acknowledged in Open Court by Waddle Cade & Ordered to be Registered. Test Arch’d McLean Jr. Clk.

Deed Book 41, Page 398, Register of Deeds Office, Cumberland County Courthouse, Fayetteville.