Free-Issue Death Certificates: MISCELLANEOUS, no. 14.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Edd Bowen. Died 18 November 1925, Ransom, Columbus County. Colored. Widower. Farmer. Born 12 June 1858 in NC to James Bowen and Esther Blanks. Buried Eastarcadia NC. Informant, Alice Andrews, Dilco NC.

In the 1860 census of Bladen County: Jas. Boon, 34, wife Esther, 24, and children James, 10, Mary M., 8, G.F., 7, Catharine, 5, W.G., 4, Eddy, 2, and Sarah, 2 months.

Catherine Jackson. Died 7 July 1932, Waccamaw, Columbus County. Indian. Widow of David Jackson. Born 12 April 1858 in Columbus County to J.A. Bowen of Columbus County and Susan Lacewell of Bladen County. Buried Holly Ridge NC. Informant, Geo. M. Mitchell.

In the 1860 census of Columbus County: John Bowen, 45, farmer, wife Susan 46, and children John, 23, Frances, 21, Lucy, 20, Anna, 17, Jane, 15, Betsey, 13, James, 10, G., 8, Henry, 5, Lydia, 3, and Caty Bowen, 2. John and Susan were born in Bladen County. They and their oldest three children were described as mulatto; the remainder as black.

John William Mitchell. Died 5 January 1934, Waccamaw, Columbus County. Indian. Married to Colista Mitchell. Farmer. Born 1 November 1858, Waccamaw, to B.F. Mitchell and Mary Frances Bowen. Buried Mitchell cemetery. Informant, Cary Mitchell, Hallsboro NC.

In the 1860 census of Bladen County: B.F. Mitchel, 24, wife Mary F., 21, and children A.E., 3, and John W., 2.

Calvin Thomas Mitchell. Died 29 February 1916, Ransom, Columbus County. Negro. Married. Farmer. Born about 1862 in Columbus County to Buckhorn Mitchell and Dalcedia Chafus. Buried Freeman. Informant, Joe Moore.

In the 1860 census of Bladen County: J.W. Mitchel, 30, turpentine, wife Dalsadid, 25, and children Anna, 9, Mary M., 8, Britton, 6, Calvin T., 4, and Davis, 2 months.

Elsie Blanks. Died 3 December 1915, Welches Creek, Columbus County. Widow. Colored. Born about 1838 to Shade Chavis. Buried Welches Creek township. Informant, McI. Spaulding.