He binds himself as a slave. For 99 years.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

This Indenture of a Slave made the 27 day of July in the year of Lord one thousand seven Hundred & ninty three between Howell Combow of the county of wayne in the State of No Carolina of the one part & Burwell Morring of the Same place of the other part Witnesseth that the Said Howell Combow of or in consideration of the Sum of fifty Pounds Spicie to him In hand paid hath and Do by these pressents Enter & Bind him Self as a Slave to the said Burwell Morring for the Tirm & Space of Ninety nine years the said Howell is to Serve him as a True & faithfull Slave & is from time to time & at all times During of the Tirm to fullfill & Charfully obey all his said Masters commands and orders the said Slave is not Induring of the Said tirm to obcond him self from his Masters Servis he is not to wast imbezzell or cearlessly Destroy his masters goods or other property nor caus or willingly suffer the Same to be Done by others he is not to Sale or lighter a way his time Practisis he is not During of his said tirm to obsent him self from his sd. masters servis without this leave In witness whereof I hear set my hand and fix my seal this Day and date above mentioned Assigned Sealed and Delivered In pressents of  Thomas Stephenson and Jacob Sauls.   Howell X Cumbow {seal}

Records of Slaves and Free Persons of Color, Wayne County Records, North Carolina State Archives.