On the 5th came a traveling black man.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Notice. On the night of the 5th inst. came a travelling Black man, and took up for the night in one of my Negro houses; after my having notice of it, I took him under examination, and he called himself Willie Trip, and produced a free pass under the signature of John Jones, Esq. and John Harris, of Craven county, N.C. with a good recommendation, stating that he was to travel to the Indiana; the matter seemed somewhat suspicious, in consequence I took from him his knapsack, with several articles of clothing, in it also a Red Morocco pocket book, with some cash, together with his pass; intending to further examine next morning, but in the morning he was gone, leaving the effects with me, induces me to believe him a runaway slave. Now this notice is that the owner may have knowledge of his route. He is a stout black sensible fellow, a small scar is on his left cheek, stated in his pass; and very little doubt with me but that he came from Craven county, not far from Newbern.    GEO. BRASSFIELD, X Roads between Raleigh and Hillsborough. January 6, 1820.

Star, Raleigh, 4 February 1820.