As good as any mill in the state.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


I have rented the Mill on Cross Creek, formerly owned by Mr. Hall. I will carry Corn to the mill and deliver MEAL or HOMINY without charge in any part of town. I have a Dray ready always for this very purpose, and I will guarantee customers as good meal or Hominy as any mill in the State can make. I will be very thankful for a liberal share of the public patronage.   ABEL PAYNE.  March 11.

Carolina Observer, Fayetteville, 11 March 1861.


The subscriber would be pleased to grind, haul to and carry from the Mill, free of charge, at the Mill near the Gas Works, formerly Mr. Hall’s.   ABEL PAYNE. July 21, 1862.

Carolina Observer, Fayetteville, 21 July 1862.