Onslow County Apprentices, 1825-1827.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Elizabeth Simmons was bound to John Grant in 1825.

Alfred, son of Rhoda (no last name given), was bound to Charles Thompson in 1825.

James Jarman was bound to Thomas Batten in 1825.

Gatsey Pittman was bound to Jacob Williams in 1826.

James Sheppard was bound to Edward Johnson in 1826.

Betty Sampson was bound to Solomon E. Grant in 1826.

Bill White, Edward White, Morris White and Anna White, children of Elizabeth White, were bound to Jesse Sandlin in 1827.

Gatsey Pittman was bound to Hezekiah Williams in 1827.

Betsy White and Nancy White, children of Oma White, were bound to Lott Gregory in 1827.

William Henderson, son of Nancy Henderson, was bound to Lemuel Williams in 1827.

Joe Higgins was bound to Henry Henderson in 1927.

George Boon was bound to John B. Thompson in 1827.

Apprentice Records, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.