Neither purchase the horse nor harbor the boy.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


RANAWAY from the subscriber, on Friday morning, 2d inst. About 2 o’clock, a bright mulatto boy named John Murray, aged about 20 or 21 years, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, square built.  He had on when he left, a white hat with a broad brim, drab colored close bodied coat, and white pantaloons.  Said boy is free and has free papers, but was hired by me – he stole from me when he left, A Gray Horse, 4 years old, nearly 5 feet high, very well set, and on his wethers he has saddle marks and a small lump.  I will give $20 reward for the apprehension of said boy and horse, if taken within this State – or $50 if without the State, and secured so that I get them again.  All persons are cautioned against purchasing the horse or harboring said boy.  DAVID McDANIEL.  Tarboro’, N.C. Nov. 6, 1838.

Tarboro’ Press, 17 Nov 1838.