Look out for him.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

A Villain – Look out for him. – A fellow of quite an ordinary appearance, arrived here on Saturday night last in the stage and registered his name at the Edenton Hotel, “J.C. Martin, South Mills” – He was recognized, however, on Sunday, by the Captain of a Canal Boat from Norfolk, as being the individual who broke jail in Richmond not long since, where he was confined for kidnapping and selling a free negro, and whose real name is James Cox.  On Monday morning, after some delay, it was determined by the citizens to arrest him; but he had, no doubt, by this time been apprized of the fact, and he left town immediately, by jumping a few fences in the rear lot of the tavern.  As soon as it became known that he had disappeared, a posse of men proceeded in search of him, and once got sight of him, but by keen dodging (at which no doubt he is in full practice,) he succeeded in evading them.

The rascal, having left his trunk at the tavern, had the audacity to send for it, (by remitting the money to pay his tavern bill,) on Tuesday night by the stage.  It was not sent, but broken open, and found to contain a bowie knife, a dirk, a pistol well charged, some cotton cloth torn in slips and tied together, two or three small ropes, a few articles of clothing, several letters from his wife in Norfolk, and a brief statement of his villainous acts since his escape from the Richmond jail, written and signed by himself.  – Edenton Sentinel.

Tarboro Press, 5 Oct 1844.