The blessing of liberty.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

To the Worshipfull the Justices of Onslow County Court.  The petition of Kilby Jones & William Ferrand, Executors of Edward Starkey, esquire, respectfully, Sheweth, That the Said Edward was owner of the following Slaves, Viz: Affe, Susanna & daughter Franky, Old Woman Pleasant, Nancy, Rachael, her son Solomon & David a Molattoe, whose faithfull and meritorious services he was desirous should be rewarded with the blessing of liberty, and the said Edward by his last will directed your petitioners his Executors to obtain the emancipation of said negroes, and by his said will made such provisions for their Support, as will enable the said negroes with their accustomed industry & Honesty to maintain themselves in a respectable though humble station in life.  Your petitioners pray that they may be permitted by the licence of this worshipfull Court to carry into effect the benevolent wish of their testator, and to emancipate the said negroes.  And as in duty bound they shall ever pray.  October 6th 1809   /s/ Kilby Jones, Wm. Ferrand

On the petition of the executors of Edward Starkey Jun’r Dec’d Ordered that they have leave to make free the following slaves to wit Aff. (see petition)  The said petitioners entering into bonds with securities to be approved of agreeably to law.

Slave Records, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.