Dangerous characters.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

We the grand jury present Sarah, Hannah, Betty, being free negroes, as dangerous characters.

/s/ Challe Eagerton, Jas Forbs, W.W. Shaw, Lot Williams, David Jenkins, Jas. Scott, Mitchel Barber, Samuel Evens, Hinton Barber, James Brown, John Jarman, Danis Aman, Wm Webb.


We as grand Juriors present a Certain percis of Free Negres that has not been Dealt with according to law having obtaind their Freedom by John Pair which Negroes are named [illegible] Sarah Boon July 9th 1816 /s/ Charles Agerton, Samuel Evins, Dennis Aman, James Brown, John, Jarman, David Jenkins, Mitchell Barber, Wm Webb, James H. Barber, Lott Williams, John Marshel, James Fioller, Wm Shaw.

Slave Records, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

[Side Note: “Dangerous characters”? Why?]