Sold for taxes.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

RUNAWAY from the subscriber on Saturday night, the 28th of April, a free negro boy calling himself BRYANT OXYDIM.  He was sold in February last at Sheriff’s sale for his taxes, until December next for which time I purchased him.  For the last two or three years he has been living about Watkinsville.  Bryant is about 28 or 30 years of age; about 5 ½ feet high; dark mulatto; spare made; limps slightly in his left leg when walking; his eyes being set very close cause him to appear cross-eyed.  He carried several suits of clothing, made mostly of cheap goods.

Any information respecting him will be thankfully received, and a fair compensation made for arresting him.  It is probable he will make his way to Jasper county, as he came from there.  He was born in North Carolina, and came to Georgia, when very young.  Athens, May 3, 1849.  W.S. Hemphill.

Southern Whig, Athens, Georgia, May __, 1849.