He lurks about Fayetteville.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Horse Thief.  Stolen out of my lot, one MARE.   Also out of my house one Silver Watch, one fine Cloth Coat, one Overcoat, on the night of the 26th of December 1864.  From all the information that I can get the thief is a free mulatto by the name of Nathan Holder.  He stole a new brown comfort, with blue ends, which he no doubt wears around his neck.  He lurks about Fayetteville and in the adjoining neighborhood of C.C. Barbee in Harnett county.  I will give a reward of one hundred dollars for stolen property and the confinement of the thief in jail.  JAMES GUY.  Dec’r 28. 

Fayetteville Observer, 9 January 1865.