They claim to be free.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

NOTICE.  TWO MULATTOES, a man and woman, were arrested and committed to jail in this county, on the 6th this month.  They claim to be free, but are believed to be slaves, having no sufficient evidence of their freedom.  The man is 25 or 30 years old, about six feet high and calls himself ANDREW McCALL.  The girl is about 18 or 20 years old, and says that her name is Louisa McCall.  They say that they were kidnapped from their hometown near Norfolk, Va., by Sandy Hogan, a trader from North Carolina, and after travelling in the South about two months, ran away from him.

Any person complaining said slaves, are requested to come and prove property, pay charges and take them away, or they will be dealt with according to law.  B.J. SMITH, Jailor.  Burnsville, Yancy co., Feb. 14, 1843.

Highland Messenger, Asheville, 17 Feb 1843.