The infamous business of abducting free people of color.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Fayetteville, March 19. Kidnapping. – We learn that this infamous business is carrying on to a considerable extent, near the lines of the counties of Sampson, Wayne and Johnston, and that five free persons of color, have been abduced [sic] from that neighborhood, by a set of daring outlaws & most probably have been sold in bondage.  If these things be so it is time for the citizens of that neighborhood to be active in their exertions to bring the offenders to justice.  The cause of suffering humanity, calls upon them for a generous effort in behalf of this unfortunate class of our population.  The violated laws of the State require them, as good citizens, to use every possible means to vindicate its humane, and merciful provisions, ferreting out and bringing to punishment its invaders.  Journal.

Carolina Watchman, Salisbury, 29 Mar 1834.