He was whipped well.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Meeting in Smithfield.

We understand that a large and enthusiastic meeting of the citizens of Smithfield, Johnston county, was held on Friday night last, at which a military company was formed numbering about one hundred. Doctor Telfair was elected Captain, and Capt. Morning first Lieutenant — both old and highly respectable individuals.  The meeting was addressed by Drs. Telfair and Beckwith, and by Messrs.Morning, Eldridge, Smith Waddell, Eldridge.   The most united and determined spirit was manifested to maintain the rights of North-Carolina.

On Friday night, a free negro named Boley Bass, was whipped at Smithfield for expressing abolition sentiments.  He was whipped well, then ordered to leave.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 7 December 1859.