Craven County Apprentices, 1762-1783.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

On 7 April 1762, Lydia, a free Negro girl aged 13 years; Acey, a free Negro boy aged 11 years; Aaron, a free Negro boy aged 9 years; and David, a free base born Negro aged 7 years were bound to Mrs. Anna Bryan until 18 to learn the house and plantation business.

On 5 July 1764, Ball, a baseborn Negro child 3 years and 10 months, and Hannah, a base born Negro child aged 1 year 4 months, were bound to Peter Rhem as servants until 21 years old.

On 19 June 1775, Thomas, a free Negro, was bound for 6 years to Edward Francks as a laborer.

On 15 March 1777, Abigail, a free Negro aged 11 years, was bound to Peter Rhem to learn to spin and do house work.

On 13 June 1778, Solomon Carter, a free Negro boy aged 5 years, was bound to Richard Neale as a cooper.

On 13 March 1783, George Carter, free Negro boy aged 6 years, was bound to Thomas McLin, Esq., as a cooper.

On 12 September 1783, Edward Black, freeborn Negro boy aged 6 years, was bound to Thomas Heath as a shoemaker.

On 13 December 1783, Betty Spellman, free Negro girl aged 4 years next January, was bound to John Tillman for spinning, weaving, and housework.

On 13 December 1783, Shadrach Lindsay, a free mulatto boy aged 10 years, bound to John Avery as a house carpenter.