Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Reward for stolen free papers.

TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  The undersigned offers the above reward for his Free Papers, which were stolen from his house in Davidson county, on the 13th January, 1851.  They were signed by John Shuman, Jr., certifying that I am free, and by J.M. Brown, J.P., with a certificate attached from the Clerk of the County Court, John Giles, by John H. Hardie, Deputy Clerk, and dated October 1, 1844.   IRVIN FREEMAN.  Feb. 1, 1851.

Carolina Watchman, Salisbury, 6 Feb 1851.

In the 1850 census of Northern Division, Davidson County: Irvine Freeman, 35, and wife Biddy, 34.

Surnames: Anson County, 1850.


Free man of color, Confederate deserter.

GASTON BURNS, a free man of color, ranaway from me on the 18th inst.  He has been living at Salisbury, N.C., for a number of years.  I will give the above reward for his apprehension and confinement in some jail, so that I can get him again.  A.W. HOWERTON.  1st Lieut. Co. I, 57th Reg. N.C.T. Richmond, Va., Sept. 18, 1862.

Carolina Watchman, Salisbury, 22 Sept 1862. NC Newspaper Digitization Project, North Carolina State Archives Historic Newspaper Archive.

In the 1860 census of Salisbury, Rowan County: G. Burns, 28, mulatto, listed in the household of Margaret Earnhart, 56, white.

Craven County Apprentices, 1762-1783.

On 7 April 1762, Lydia, a free Negro girl aged 13 years; Acey, a free Negro boy aged 11 years; Aaron, a free Negro boy aged 9 years; and David, a free base born Negro aged 7 years were bound to Mrs. Anna Bryan until 18 to learn the house and plantation business.

On 5 July 1764, Ball, a baseborn Negro child 3 years and 10 months, and Hannah, a base born Negro child aged 1 year 4 months, were bound to Peter Rhem as servants until 21 years old.

On 19 June 1775, Thomas, a free Negro, was bound for 6 years to Edward Francks as a laborer.

On 15 March 1777, Abigail, a free Negro aged 11 years, was bound to Peter Rhem to learn to spin and do house work.

On 13 June 1778, Solomon Carter, a free Negro boy aged 5 years, was bound to Richard Neale as a cooper.

On 13 March 1783, George Carter, free Negro boy aged 6 years, was bound to Thomas McLin, Esq., as a cooper.

On 12 September 1783, Edward Black, freeborn Negro boy aged 6 years, was bound to Thomas Heath as a shoemaker.

On 13 December 1783, Betty Spellman, free Negro girl aged 4 years next January, was bound to John Tillman for spinning, weaving, and housework.

On 13 December 1783, Shadrach Lindsay, a free mulatto boy aged 10 years, bound to John Avery as a house carpenter.

Carrying, conveying and concealing in order that he might escape.

State v. Alfred Woodly, 47 NC 276 (1855).

This was an indictment of Alfred Woodly and Richard Wynns, free persons of color, for carrying, conveying and concealing a slave in order that he might escape.  Woodly and Wynns were accused of carrying Anthony, a slave and the property of Tristram L. Skinner, executor of Joshua Skinner, deceased, out of the state on 13 January 1855.  The appeal in the case alleged a number of insufficiencies in the indictment, and the Supreme Court ordered a new trial in Bertie Superior Court.