Two lots in the town of Goldsboro.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

This Indenture made & entered into the 23rd day of August 1847 by and between William K. Lane of the County of Wayne & State of North Carolina of the one part and James King Free man of Color of the other part.  Witness that the Said William K. Lane for & in consideration of the Sum of Forty Dollars to him in hand paid at and before the sealing & delivery of these presents the receipt and payment whereof is hereby acknowledged and from the further payment whereof the said William K. Lane will by these presents forever acquit release & discharge the Said James King his Executors Admin & assigns.  The said William K. Lane hath given granted bargained & sold & will by these presents give grant bargain & sell unto the Said James King his heirs and assigns forever two Lotts in the Town of Goldsboro & known in the plan of Said Town as No. 74 & 75 To have & to holds said lott with all and Singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appurtaning to him the said James King his heirs, & assigns forever & I the Said William K. Lane will Warrant & forever defend the right & title free & clear from the lawfull claims of all perosns whatsoever to him the Said James King his heirs & assigns forever

In testamony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & year above written   /s/ Wm K Lane

Signed sealed & delivered in presense of us  Rufus Edmundson, O Coor

Wayne County May Term 1848 then was the above deed of sale from Wm K. Lane to Jas King duly moved in open court by the oath of Ollen Coor a subscribing witness & ordered to be made registered  /s/ Jno A Green Clk

Recorded in the Registers office of Wayne County the 9th of Aug’t 1848 is Liber V page 80   /s/R. Hooks, Reg’r