Properly instructed, he has become a constant communicant.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

In that year [1760] besides the immediate duty of my own Parish I visited the Parishes of St Martins, Bladen & St John’s, Onslow; and in these 2 counties I baptized 55 Children whereof 9 were negroes & I baptized 2 adults, 1 white & 1 black by immersion.  In my own Parish, I baptized 9 white and 4 mulatto Children, 1 Adult Mulatto woman belonging to Coll’n Dry, & 4 Adult Negro women, belonging to the Hon’ble Mr. Hasell.  In the year 1761, I baptized in my own Parish in Bladen & in St James’ Wilmington 35 Children & 1 adult negro man.  In this Current year 1762 I have already baptized 33 children & 2 Adults; 1 a free negro man, who after proper instructions, is since become a constant communicant; the other a Captain of a vessel who died here, & on his death bed acquainted me, that he had never been baptized & prayed he might then receive that Sacrament.

Extract, letter from John McDowell to Daniel Burton, June 15, 1762, Brunswick NC.  Colonial and State Records of North Carolina.