Fariby Simons and hir children was free.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

State of North Carolina, Wayne County     July 23rd 1853

Mary Wiggs after Being Duly Sworn Deposeth & Says as follows in (viz) that she was acquainted and knew one certain Fareby Simons a free woman of Color that lived with one William Burnham of Duplin County and State aforsaid and that Said fariby Simon was living with Said Burnham as an apprintice and after the Expiration of hir appriaticeship she the said fareby Simon had some Several Children in the time She livd with Burnham the Deponant further Say she heard Burnham tel hir father Samuel Herring that said fariby Simons and hir children was free and that he the said Burnham was to assist and Rais hir Children and have the use of them untwell they arived to the age of Twenty one years and then he the said Burnham was to let them go as they came of age the Deponant further Says that She has known Fariby Simons sixty or Sixty five years and knew hir before Burnham Told hir father that she was free further the Deponant Sayeth Not.   /s/ Mary X Wiggs

Sworn to and Subscribed to Before Me the 23rd July AD 1853 Test George Flowers J.P.

This is one of three sworn statements by whites attesting to Fereby Simmons’ freedom.

Records of Slaves and Free People of Color, Wayne County Miscellaneous Records, North Carolina State Archives.