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Bills to allow them to enslave themselves.

… a bill to allow Leah White, a free negress, to enslave herself to Morris McDaniel of Jones County; … a bill for the relief of James Moore, a free negro – allows him to enslave himself; …

The Raleigh Register, 27 February 1861.

He passed for a free man for fifteen months.


From the Subscriber on the 10th day of September, a bright mulatto fellow by the name of Ralph. He is about 35 years old – a number of his fore teeth are missing – several before, so as to disqualify him from chawing any thing hard. He has a very down look. He had on when he left me cotton clothes, except his coat, which was cotton cambrick, of a brown colour, made in the present fashion. The coat had a pocket on the inside of the left lappell. – He is about five feet, eight or ten inches high – thick built. I expect he will attempt to pass for a free man, and perhaps aim for Richmond, in Virginia, where he was raised.  He left his former master, whose name was Jeffery, (lived in South Carolina,) and passed for a free man about fifteen months in the counties of Duplin, Bladen, and Jones, where he was at length taken up and committed to Wilmington Jail, where his master got him. Any person who will confine said Negro in any Jail in this state so I get him again, shall receive a reward of ten dollars, and if delivered to me in Wadesborough, 25 dollars. JOHN JENNINGS. Wadesborough, Sept. 25, 1809.

Star, Raleigh, 19 October 1809.

Not considered white.

61 N.C. Confederate Levi Cummings.  Cap’t Francis D. Koonce’s Co. (Koonce’s State Guerillas) N.C. Volunteers. Appears on Company Muster-In and Descriptive Roll of the organization named above. Dated Jones County, July 22, 1862. Born Duplin Co., N.C. Age 26. Laborer. Enlisted July 14, 1862 in Jones County by F.D. Koonce.  … Note: This company is mustered in the service of the State of North Carolina as “guerillas” for local service, to operate east of the Wilmington & Weldon Rail Road, between the Neuse and Cape Fear Rivers.


61 N.C. Confederate Levi Cummings.  Pvt. Co. K, 61 Reg’t N.C. Inf. (State Troops). Cap’t Francis D. Koonce’s Co. (Koonce’s State Guerillas) N.C. Volunteers. Appears on Company Muster Roll of the organization named above. Dated May and June 1863. Enlisted August 30, 1862, Jones County, by Capt. Koonce. Last paid by Capt. Anderson, April 30, 1863. “Detailed as ambulance driver.”


61 N.C. Confederate Levi B. Cummings. Pvt. Co. K, 61 Reg’t N.C. Inf. (State Troops). Cap’t Francis D. Koonce’s Co. (Koonce’s State Guerillas) N.C. Volunteers. Appears on Company Muster Roll of the organization named above. Dated July and August 1863. Enlisted August 30, 1862, Jones County, by Capt. Koonce for 3 years. “Not considered white and dropped by order.”

Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Organized For the State of North Carolina, National Archives and Records Administration.

In the 1850 census of North Division, Duplin County: James C. Cummings, 47, farmer, wife Rebecca, 42, and children Levi W., 13, John J., 11, Betsey A., 9, Sarah L., 7, and Mary J., 5, all mulatto.

In the 1860 census of Tuckahoe, Jones County: Levi Commins, 20, and sister Sallie, 15; described as black.

In the 1870 census of Tuckahoe, Jones County: Levi Cummings, 34, mulatto, cooper.

In the 1880 census of Richlands, Onslow County: Levi Cummings, 50, works on farm, wife Caroline, 25, and children William H., 9, Minnie J., 6, and Lydia A., 2.  Levi is described as mulatto; his wife and children, as white.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: MISCELLANEOUS, no. 8.

Marsellas Evans. Died 21 September 1922, New Hope, Chatham County. Colored. Married to Emmer Evans. Farmer. Age 64. Born Hatham County to Granderson Evans of Chatham County and Arbella Smith of Raleigh. Buried Mount Zion Church. Informant, Weldon Evans.

In the 1860 census of Eastern Division, Chatham County: Granderson Evans, 36, farmer, wife Arobella, 20, and children Marcellas, 3, and Leweann, 2, plus William Stewart, 3, and Fab Lucus, 9.

Vancie Ann Glover. Died 29 April 1930, Hickory Mountain, Chatham County. Resided Siler City. Colored. Single. Age 75. Daughter of Kerney Glover and unknown mother. Buried Glovers cemetery. Informant, Berneice Alston.

In the 1860 census of the Western Division of Chatham County: Carney Glover, 38, Mahala, 35, Susan, 15, Sarah, 11, and Ann, 2.

Elda Cummings. Died 14 June 1923, Jones County. Negro. Single. Cook for Chas. Jones. Age about 65. Born Jones County to Jim Cummings of Lenoir County and Rebecca Bowen. Buried Gooding graveyard. Informant, Allen Gooding, Comfort NC.

In the 1860 census of Southern Division, Jones County: James Cummings, 56, cooper, born Onslow County; wife Rebecca, 52; and John J., 21, Farina, 10, and Elda Cummings, 6. 

Polly Edmundson. Died 20 May 1923, Nahunta, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of Lewis Edmundson. Born 1860 in Wayne County to Henry Hobbs of Johnston County and Elizabeth Hogans, Johnston County. Buried in Bert graveyard. Informant, Wesley Hobbs.

Lucinda Artis.  Died 23 June 1931, Wilson, Wilson County. Resided at 310 Reid Street. Colored. Widow of Jessie Artis. Age 84. Born Wayne County to Henry Hobbs of unknown and Elizabeth Hobbs of Wayne County. Buried in Wayne County. Informant, Cora Artis, Wilson NC.

In the 1860 census of Neuse River, Johnston County: Henry Hobbs, 37, distiller, wife Betsey, 36, and children Lucinda, 12, John, 11, Nicey, 9, Laurina, 7, Francis, 5, Polly, 4, and Green, 3.

George King.  Died 6 November 1923, Dudley, Wayne County. Colored. Single. Blacksmith. Age 76. Born Wayne County to Jim King of NC and Susie Booker of Duplin County. Informant, Jim King.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp, Wayne County:  James King, 43, carpenter, Susan, 27, and children George, 9, James H., 8, Jerome, 4, John, 4 months, and Polly A., 2.

One of the runaways had a free wife.

TAKEN UP AND COMMITTED TO THE PUBLIC JAIL — of Wilkes County on the 15th inst. three negro men, who say they belong to JOHN SMITH, a refugee, stopping at present at High Point, N.C. viz:

JO, about 30 years of age, weighs 160 lbs., five feet three and a half inches high, teeth good, “black as soot,” says he was raised in Jones County by MERRY JONES; had a free wife name ANNA DONE [DOVE]; is a shoe-maker.

CHARLES, raised in Craven County, owned by MRS. LAVINIA SMITH, of Edgecombe County; knows B.M. SELBY and other citizens of Tarboro’; 40 years of age, weighs 160 lbs., height five feet eight inches; black round face; and professes to be a sort of carpenter.

HENRY, 35 years of age; weighs 150 lbs., five feet eight inches high; yellow black in color; was raised in Virginia by DR. HARRIS, sold to JAS. HARRISON, who sold to JOHN SMITH, the present owner, and says he is a plasterer.

The owner or owners will please come forward, pay charges and take said negroes away, or they will be dealt with as law further directs.  August 24, 1863       ROBT. M. SMITH, Sheriff.

Raleigh Standard, 26 August 1863.

Surnames: Jones County, 1850.