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Their first child was born the day ‘Wallis was made prisoner.

State of North Carolina, Sampson County}    On this the 11th day of November 1845, came before the undersigned one of the acting Justices of the pace and  a member of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the said County of Sampson.  Milly Manuel a resident of the aforesaid County & State 88 years Eighty eight years who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed on the 4th July 1836 for the benefit of certain Widows.

That she is the widow of Nicholas Manuel Dec’d of the said county who was a draughted soldier in the war of the Revolution as follows one (18) Eighteen months Tour one (9) nine months Tour and one Three months Tour, in all her husband the said Nicholas Manuel served two years and a half faithfully as she has heard him say.

That her husband the said Nicholas Manuel was under the command of Captain Kinion Hubbert and others and was in the battle of Briar Creek and was in the seage of Charleston as she has often heard him say.

That she has caused diligent search to be made for her husbands discharge which she has a very perfect recollection of having seen, particularly a printed one.

That her husband the said Nicholas Manuel lived in N.C. when he was called into the service.

That she cannot now tell the date of her marriage to the said Nicholas Manuel but that he the said Nicholas Manuel served both before and after the marriage.

That she was married to the said Nicholas Manuel before Gen Wallis was taken, that her first child to wit Sheadrack was born on the day that Wallis was made prisoner.

That she was married in Duplin Co N.C. by Fleet Cooper Esqr.

That her husband the said Nicholas Manuel died the 27th day of March 1835 Eighteen hundred & thirty five

Sworn to and subscribed on this the 11th day of November 1845 before me.  /s/ Neill Campbell J.P. Milly X Manuel

From the file of Nicholas Manuel, Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, National Archives and Records Administration.

Nicholas Manuel is head of a household of free people of color in the 1830 census of Sampson County.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: SIMMONS.

George Robert Simmons.  Died 24 June 1922, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County.  Colored.  Married to Molly Simmons. Farmer.  Age about 75. Born Wayne County to George Simmons and Floxy Jane Simmons. Informant, Robert Simmons.

Bryant Simmons.  Died 14 Jan 1932, Brogden, Wayne County.  Colored. Married to Donnie Simmons. Farmer.  Born 2 Dec 1852, Mount Olive NC,  to George W. Simmons of Duplin County and Flozie Manuel  of Sampson County.  Buried in Dudley NC. Informant, Geneve Simmons, Dudley.

General Washington Simmons.  Died 27 Jan 1941, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County.  Negro. Widower of Mary E. Simmons.  Age 84. Farmer.  Born Wayne County to George Washington [Simmons] of Wayne County and Flaxie Jane Simmons of Wayne County.  Buried, Simmons burying ground.  Informant, Orlander Simmons.

Hillery B. Simmons.  Died 25 Oct 1942, Brogden, Wayne County.  Colored.  Married to Celester Simmons.  Farmer.  Age 84. Born Wayne County to George Simmons of Wayne County and unknown mother.  Buried, Congregational cemetery. Informant, Moses Budd.

Riley Simmons.  Died 17 July 1924, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Married. Born 1840, Dudley, to Geo. Simmons and Axy Simmons. Buried Wayne County. Informant, Sam Simmons.

Zachariah T. Simmons. Died 17 March 1938, High Point, Guilford County. Resided 604 Fairview. Colored. Minister. Married to Mrs. Eugenie W. Simmons. Born 12 December 1848, Mount Olive, to George W. Simmons of Dublin [Duplin] and Axie Manuel. Buried High Point. Informant, Mrs. Eugenie Simmons.

In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: George Simmons, 40, wife Axey J, 38, and children Riley B., 19, Simon, 15, Susan A., 17, George R., 13, Zack, 10, Silvania, 9, Bryant, 7, H.B., 5, and Gen., 2. 

William Frank Simmons. Died 4 Jan 1944, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County.  Colored. Married to Sarah Simmons. Farmer.  82 years, 7 months, 4 days old.  Born Wayne County to Bryant Simmons and Betsy Winn, both of Wayne County.  Buried Dudley.  Informant, Sarah Simmons, Dudley.

William C. Simmons. Died 2 Aug 1920, Piney Grove, Sampson County.  Negro. Married. Farmer. Age 75. Born Dudley NC to Green Simmons and Betsy J. Thornton of Sampson County.  Buried private burial ground. Informant, Charlie Simmons.

Betsy Lee Drew.  Died 26 Aug 1927, Wilmington, New Hanover County.  Resided 7 King Street.  Colored. Widow. Age 63. Born Dudley NC to Green Simmons and Jene Thorington. Buried Dudley NC.  Informant, Arthur Drew.

In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: Green Simmons, 43, mechanic; wife, Betsey; and children Needham G., 15, Cisero W., 13, Mary, 12, Martha R., 9, Media, 7, Seamore D., 5, Crecy B., 2, and B.L., 2 months.

James Henry Henderson.

James Henry HendersonJAMES HENRY HENDERSON was born about 1838 in the Upper Richlands district of Onslow County. His father was James Henderson (1815-ca1890) and his mother might have been named Sally Skipp. With his father and siblings, he migrated to Sampson, then southern Wayne County. He married twice and died near Faison, Duplin County, in 1920.

[Sidenote: James H. Henderson was the brother of my great-great-great-grandfather Lewis Henderson. — LYH.]

North and back: an odyssey.

On 20 September 1865, Montreville Simmons, 22, born in NC, residing in Chatham Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada, son of John C. and Hepsie Simmons, married Victoria Brown, 16, born in Indiana, daughter of John and Mary Brown.  Witnesses: Edwin Simons and C. Moore.

In the 1850 census of the South Side of the Neuse River, Wayne County: Calvin Simmons, 42, wife Hepsey, 46, and children Harriet, 13, Susan, 11, Montrival, 9, Jno. R., 7, Margaret, 5, Dixon, 3, and Geo. W. Simmons, 1, plus Robert Aldridge, 26, hireling.

In the 1861 census of Chatham and Gore townships, Kent County, Ontario: John C. Simmons, 50, wife Hepsy, 55, and children S.M., 16, Montreville, 15, John R., 14, Margaret A., 12, Dickie, 10, and George Simmons, 9.  All reported being born in the US, and all were Baptist.

By 1870, Calvin Simmons and his youngest sons had returned to North Carolina, and are listed in Brogden township, Wayne County: Calvin Simons, 63, and Montville, 29, John R., 26, Dickson H., 21, and George W. Simmons, 20.  On 3 March 1871, in Duplin County, Montville Simmons, son of Calvin Simmons and Hepsey Whitley, married Anna Henderson (1852-1906), daughter of James Henderson and Louisa Armwood.

By 1881, Montreville Simmons (40, farmer), wife Annie (29) and children Elizabeth (8), Doctor T. (7), Susan M. (4) and Montreville (2) are listed in the census of Chatham, Kent, Ontario. All were born in the US except Doctor and Montreville jr., who were born in Ontario, and all were Baptist.  By 1900, the family was back in the United States, and are found in the census of Eel, Cass County, Indiana:  on Park Avenue in Logansport, farmer Montville Simmons (Apr 1850), wife Anna (Mar 1861) and children James R. (Dec 1879), Montville (Jun 1881), and Dock (Dec 1879).  Montville and Anna were born in NC; their sons in Canada.  Montville and Anna had been married 28 years and reported 5 of 5 children living.

Marriage Registers, Kent County, Ontario, Canada; Canada census records; marriage register, Register of Deeds, Duplin County NC; US population schedules.


Mary Eliza Balkcum Aldridge.

ImageMARY ELIZA BALKCUM ALDRIDGE was born in 1829 in Duplin County.  Her mother was probably Nancy Balkcum (ca1800-1854), a white woman, and her father was likely a black or mixed-race man.  Around 1855, she married Robert Aldridge (1819-1899). They settled first in northern Sampson County, but by 1870 had a large farm near Dudley, Wayne County.

[Eliza B. Aldridge was my great-great-great-grandmother. –LYH]

Apprentice bonds, Duplin County.

July 18, 1791.  William Flinigin mulatto boy age 4 years last Jan. 30 bound to William Southerland to learn to read the Bible, write and the trade of cooper.

March 29, 1794.  Hardy McCulloch mulatto boy age 5 next August bound to Setphen Middleton to learn to read the Bible, write and cipher to 3 and learn the trade of cooper.

Wed., January 21, 1795.  Ordered Hannah Simmons, orphan child of a free born negro now about 1 year old bound to Betsy Burnham to learn to read the Bible and spin and weave.

April 17, 1797.  Jenny Winn free black child now about 12 last March bound to Martin Kornegay until 21.

July 18, 1796.  James Flanagan mulatto orphan age 6 bound to Lewis Davis to learn to read the Bible, write, cipher to 3 and learn the trade of shoemaker.  Lettice free negro girl age 8 bound to William Bizzel.

Minutes, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Records of Duplin County, North Carolina State Archives.

Surnames: Duplin County, 1850.

These surnames appear among free people of color listed in the 1850 federal census of Duplin County:


Where are they now? No. 5.

B.J. was born in the mid-1970s in New York.  She is descended from:

(1) Robert Aldridge [1819-1899, Duplin/Wayne County] via Amelia Aldridge [1855-1895, Wayne County]

(2) Mary Eliza Balkcum [1829-1924, Duplin/Wayne County]

(3) Hannah Brewington [1775-1850, Sampson County] via Raiford Brewington [1812-1896, Sampson/Wayne County] via Joshua Brewington [1847-??, Sampson/Wayne County]

(4) Abraham Hardin [??-??, Sampson County] via Sion Hardin [??-??, Sampson County] via Zilpha Hardin [1794-1860, Sampson County]

(5) Ephraim Manuel [1730-??, Sampson County] via Nicholas Manuel [1752-1835, Sampson County] via Shadrach Manuel [1775-1870, Sampson County] via Bathsheba Manuel [1818-??, Sampson/Wayne County]


Indenture.  Ordered that Sarah Rouse a free girl of color be bound as an apprentice to John D. Abernathy, which is done, bond filed.

Minutes, January Term 1853, Duplin County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.