Invented and exhibited.

by Lisa Y. Henderson



The Annual Fair of the North Carolina State Agricultural Society commenced, at the grounds near this City, on Tuesday last; and will close to-day, Friday.

The weather since Monday has been unpropicious; but notwithstanding this, the attendance has been large, and the exhibition of articles of all kinds better than on any former occasion.

We give below, as far and as fully as it could be obtained, a list of the various articles on exhibition in Floral Hall, in Planter’s Hall, in Mechanic’s Hall, and on the grounds. No doubt many articles, as well as stock, deserving of particular notice have been overlooked; but this — though this press has had three Reporters on the grounds — could not be avoided. It is impossible, amid the press of the crowd and the excitement of the occasion, to do exact and equal justice to all. And so we trust no one will conclude that their articles have been slighted, or intentionally overlooked. — The premium list will, after all, show who is entitled to praise for superior enterprise, industry, patience and skill.


A new patent invalid chair, invented and exhibited by J.T. Alston, a free man of color.

Lexington and Yadkin Flag, 7 November 1856.