Mixed blooded almost white.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


“The Free negroes in this County are mixed blooded almost white and have intermarried with a low class of whites_ Have no trade occupation or profession they live in a settlement of Town of their own their personal property consists of Cattle & Hogs, They make no produce except corn peas & Potatoes & very little of that.

They are a lazy Indolent & worthless race.”

[Note: I have not found North Carolina-born Paschal Loftis in any other census, but unsourced internet information lists his parents as Martin Loftis and Phereba Paschall, who married in Warren County in 1790. Also, according to Sewell and Hill’s The Indians of North Florida: From Carolina to Florida, the Story of a Distinct American Indian Community, the settlement was called Scott’s Ferry, and its inhabitants were Apalachicola Catawba. Hat tip to Finding African American Ancestors for bringing my attention to this census entry. — LYH]