Free Isaac owes.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

State No. Carolina, Rowan County   }  To any Lawful Officer to Execute Whereas Benj’a Abbett of Said County Complains To me one of the Justices of Said County that Free Isaac of Said County Stands Justly Indeted To him The Sum of three Pounds twelve Shillings Speacie and Delayeth payment there are therefore to Command you to Summands Free Isaac to Appear Before me or Sum other Justices of Said County to answer the Aboce Complaint Given Under my hand and Seal this twenty Ninth Day of march 1783    /s/ Robert Mackie

Summand Solomon Waller as a Witness for the Plantif


The Plantif and Defendant both apparing before me and After Hearing the Complaint My Judgment is that the Defendant free Isack Pay the Plantif L 3-12-0 Given under my Hand and Seale This 26 Day of April 1783  /s/ Robert Mackie

Records of Slaves and Persons of Color, Miscellaneous Records, Rowan County Records, North Carolina State Archives.