Joe the wagoner.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Ten Dollars Reward.

Ran away from the subscriber, living in Granville county, on 19th October last, a likely Negro Man, named PLEASANT, aged about 27 years, dark complected, no particular marks recollected, only on his left thumb, cut with an axe, and is strong built. I understand he is aiming for the course of Fayetteville as a wagoner, and has a wagon whip with him. He calls himself Joe, or perhaps Joe Curtin, a free negro. Any person apprehending said slave, can receive the above reward of ten dollars, if said negro is confined in any gaol in the State, or delivered to the subscriber. Letters directed to Oxford or Red Mountain Post Office, will be immediately received. ALFRED CARRINGTON Nov. 20th, 1829.

The North Carolina Star (Raleigh), 10 December 1829.