Stolen boy rescued in New Orleans.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

From the New Orleans Commercial Times.

A CASE FOR THE TRIBUNE. – N. Carolina Standard. The editor of this paper calls for information regarding the fate of Hilliard Evans, a free boy of color, stolen some time ago from that State, by Wm. R. Boswell. Boswell was arrested by Capt. Winter, of the Second Municipality Police, on the charge of kidnapping Evans, and offering to sell him here for $500. He was sent to the Criminal Court, and the boy detained to bear witness against him. Boswell’s friends, however, as we are requested to state by Capt. Winter, a free man of color to bail the prisoner in sum of $1500; the man of color swearing he was worth that sum; $50 was presented to the bailor, for his services, and Boswell was liberated. He is now a fugitive from justice, and the bailor, it appears, is a mere man of straw. Hilliard Evans will now be forwarded to his home by the first convenient opportunity that offers. Capt. Winter has more than once written to his friends. Every care has been taken of the lad.

We trust that the above case will be duly noticed by certain persons at the North, who are so fond of denouncing the South for its indifference to the rights of the poor negro.

The Weekly Standard (Raleigh), 18 February 1846.

Perhaps: Hilliard Evans, 37, listed in the 1870 Mortality Schedule for Granville County. A carpenter, he died of consumption.