He sold me a free man as a slave.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


WILL be paid for the apprehension and confinement, so that he may be brought to justice, of WRIGHT ALLEN, who commonly calls himself Wm. Allen, who sold to me as a slave, a free mulatto boy named DENNIS. Said Allen is a very stout man, dark complexion, about 40 years of age, has an uncommon large hand and nose, the hand very covered with hair. I will give $200 reward for the recovery of the $500 which I paid Allen for the negro, or in proportion for any part of it. He carried with him from Fayetteville about ten days ago, a tall bright mulatto free woman named Mary, and it has been ascertained that they went North together by way of the Wilmington Rail Road. He wore a grey coatee with outside pockets without flaps, a black silk hat, made by J.R. & D. Gee, of Fayetteville, whose names are in the hat; his own name also is worked in the hat with yellow silk. Any information addressed to the Subscriber will be promptly attended to. DANIEL McKINNON. Stewartsville, Richmond County, N.C., November 27, 1838.

Fayetteville Weekly Observer, 28 November 1838.