He stole a free negro pass.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

$200 REWARD.

Ran away from the subscriber, on the 10th day of October last, a negro man named PETER, about twenty-one years of age, jetty black complexion, high forehead, teeth of snowy whiteness, and remarkable for the smallness of his ears. He has an impediment in his speech, and when closely examined or agitated, stutters. He is by trade a Blacksmith, is about five feet eight inches high, and carried off with him a variety of clothing. It is supposed he will make for some non-slave holding State. He stole a free negro pass, in the name of JAMES WEAVER, dated about five years ago, a copy of which is subjoined. No doubt he will call himself WEAVER. I will give the above reward for his apprehension and confinement in any jail in the United States, so that I get him again. JOHN HEADEN, St. Lawrence P.O., Chatham co. N.C.

The North Carolina Star (Raleigh), 26 February 1835.