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Month: July, 2013

Some evil-disposed person sold him.

State of North Carolina, Pasquotank County   } Decem’r Term 1793

To the Worshipful the County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the County of Pasquotank aforesaid.

The petition of Jeremiah Alias Jeremiah Burges Sheweth

That he was Born of the Body of Nancy Alias Nancy Burges a Free Woman of Colour late of the said County of Pasquotank that some evil disposed person during the Infancy of your Petitioner sold him as he hath been informed to Edward Everigain late of the said County of Pasquotank Esquire deceased as a Slave in who Service he has since remained and that David George administrator of the said Edward Everigain since his death continues to hold your Petitioner in Slavery all which Actings & doings are contrary to the Law of Land & of Equity & good conscience In tender consideration whereof may it please your worships to grant to your Pet’r a Writ or Writs or Subp. Commanding the said David George adm. as aforesaid to appear & answer & to grant to your Pet’r such other & further relief as under the Act of Assembly in such case made & provided & in Equity he is entitled to receive & your Pet’t as in duty bound shall ever pray &c    /s/ Will Blair Atty

Records of Slaves and Free People of Color, Pasquotank County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

Wayne County Apprentices, 1844.

Joseph Seaberry, age 2 years 8 months, and Exeline Seaberry, age 4 years 8 months, were bound to Burwell Martin.

Patrick Artis, 4 1/2, was bound to Martin Sauls.

John Artis, 2, was bound to William Aycock.

Thomas Artis, 15, and Rufus Artis, 5, were bound to William Hooks.

Henderson Gandy, 17, was bound to Thos. T. Hollowell.

Jacob Goins, 10, was bound to Washington Hooks.

John Carroll was bound to Robert McKinnie.

John Hagans, 15, was bound to Bunyan Barnes.

Apprentice Records, Wayne County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

Bond for Joseph Hostler.

State of North Carolina, Cumberland County  }

Know all men by these presents, that we Sophia L. Smith, John W. Huske and John Winslow, all of the County of Cumberland aforesaid, are held and firmly bound unto David L. Swain Esqr. Governor, Captain, General, and Commander in Chief in and over the State aforesaid, in the Just and full Sum of Two hundred Pounds, Currency of the said State, to be paid to his Excellency aforesaid or his Successors in Office, to which payment well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves, our heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and Severally, firmly by these presents, Sealed with our Seals and dated this 2d. day of June Anno Domini 1835.

The Condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas by an act of the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina passed A.D. 1833 Joe, a Slave, belonging to the above bounden Sophia L. Smith, was, with the consent and at the request of his Said owner, the said Sophia L. Smith, emancipated and set free and by the name of Joseph Hostler admitted to all the rights and privileges which are enjoyed by other free persons of Colour in this State,: Now if the said Joseph Hostler shall honestly and correctly demean himself as long as he shall remain in this State, and Shall Save harmless the parish of the Country, from all charges or Expenses on account of him the said Joseph Hostler, then the above obligation to be void otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue. Sophia L. Smith {seal} [no other signatures]

Signed, Sealed and delivered In presence of [no signatures]

Miscellaneous Records, Cumberland County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

Free Colored Death Certificates: MISCELLANEOUS, no. 15.

Angelina Barnes. Died 19 September 1931, Kenly, Beulah, Johnston County. Colored. Widow of Mike Barnes. Age 68. Born Wayne County to Elbert Artis and Beadie Artis, both of Wayne County. Buried Barnes cemetery. Informant, Jane Locus, Kenly.

In the 1860 census of Pikeville, Wayne County: Elbert Artis, 24, wife Bedence, 20, and daughters Georgiana, 2, and Angeline, 6 months.

Barrister Goines. Died 14 January 1921, Tally Ho, Granville County. Black. Farmer. Born 1823 in NC to Jessie Goines and an unknown mother. Buried Flat Creek. Informant, George Goines.

Leonidus Jones. Died 4 December 1924, Windsor, Bertie County. Colored. Widower of Sarah Jones. Born 11 April 1835, Windsor, Bertie County, to Britton Jones and unknown mother. Buried James Bond cemetery. Informant, George Jones.

Abram Artis. Died 6 January 1923, Ormonds, Greene County. Colored. Married to Classie Artis. Farmer. Born 5 November 1872 in Greene County to Jordan Artis of Wayne County and Ollie Artis. Buried in Worthington cemetery, Ormonds. Informant, Ned Artis, Snow Hill.

Ruffin Artis. Died 25 October 1926, Wilson, Wilson County. Colored. Married to Florence Artis. Age 56. Farmer for Wm. Anderson. Born Wayne County to Jordan Artis and Allie Artis, both of Wayne County. Informant, Florence Artis.

In payment of Confederate taxes, no. 2.

Form of the estimate and assessment of agricultural products agreed upon by the assessor and tax-payer, and the value of the portion thereof to which the government is entitled, which is taxed in kind, in accordance with the provisions of Section 11 of “an Act to lay taxes for the common defence and carry on the government of the Confederate States,” said estimate and assessment to be made as soon as the crops are ready for market.

Celia Artis by son

Cured Fodder     Quantity of gross crop. — 2500   Tithe or one-tenth. — 250    Value of one-tenth. — $7.50

I, Celia Artis of the County of Wayne and State of North Carolina do swear that the above is a true statement and estimate of all the agricultural products produced by me during the year 1863, which are taxable by the provisions of the 11th section of the above stated act, including what may have been sold of consumed by me, and of the value of that portion of said crops to which the government is entitled.   /s/ Calvin X Artis

Sworn to and subscribed to before me the 29 day of December 1863, and I further certify that the above estimate and assessment has been agreed upon by said Celia Artis and myself as a correct and true statement of the amount of his crops and the value of the portion to which the government is entitled.  /s/ J.A. Lane, Assessor.

Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-1865, National Archives and Record Administration.

Surnames: Rutherford County, 1850.


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I’ve got her children.

Ten Dollars Reward.

RUNAWAY from Nixenton, Pasquotank County, some time in January last, a negro woman by the name of BECK, formerly the property of Mr. Morris of said county, who emancipated her and two children. She was apprehended and sold, agreeable to an act of Assembly of North Carolina. I expect she had a free pass, and will endeavor to pass for a free wench. I suppose she will go to Norfolk, as she has a free husband that is acquainted there. She is very large, rather light complexioned, about 22 years old. Any person apprehending and securing her in any jail, to that I get her again, or delivering her to me in Halifax county, North-Carolina, shall receive the above reward.   JOHN PONS.

N.B. I have got the two children from Mr. Morris, since the wench went away.

April 8, 1794

Virginia Chronicle, Norfolk, 12 May 1794.

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The liberty which free persons in a free country are entitled to.

To the worshipfull the Justices of Craven County Court  March Term 1785

The humble petition of Dorcas Brinson Sheweth That she is illegally held in Servitude by William Clark when she conceives she is entitled to her Freedom & the Liberty which Free persons in a Free Country are entitled to, and as her Complaint is returned to your Worships, she humbly hopes you will take her case into Consideration and Discharge her from Servitude.

And as in duty Bound she will ever pray &c   Dorcas Brinson

Records of Slaves and Free People of Color, Craven County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

Free Colored Heads of Household: Sampson County, 1840.

Joshua Bell, Esaw Manuel, Jensey King, William Jacob, Robt. Maynor, Wyat Manuel, John Maynor, Jesse Maynor, J.H. Butler, Jordan Scott, Jane Butler, Jane(?) Manuel, John Bell, Isham Manuel, Henry Bell, N. Brewington, Edw’d Blackwell, C. Manuel, Spicy Manuel, Fred Manuel, Nich Manuel, Eph Manuel, Faraby Brewington, Wm. Moore, John Carter, Shade Manuel, Wm. Hays, Nancy Brewington, Comfort Boon, Patience Carter, B. Williams, P. Jacobs, Sarah Brewington, John Armwood, J. Brewington, Jane Jacobs, Tamer Boon, Isaac Manuel, Jacob Manuel, Christopher Manuel, and Creecy Thornton.

Wm. Hays, 88, and Christopher Manuel, 90, were listed as Revolutionary War pensioners.