Wayne County Apprentices, 1844.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Joseph Seaberry, age 2 years 8 months, and Exeline Seaberry, age 4 years 8 months, were bound to Burwell Martin.

Patrick Artis, 4 1/2, was bound to Martin Sauls.

John Artis, 2, was bound to William Aycock.

Thomas Artis, 15, and Rufus Artis, 5, were bound to William Hooks.

Henderson Gandy, 17, was bound to Thos. T. Hollowell.

Jacob Goins, 10, was bound to Washington Hooks.

John Carroll was bound to Robert McKinnie.

John Hagans, 15, was bound to Bunyan Barnes.

Apprentice Records, Wayne County Records, North Carolina State Archives.