He has fine white teeth; I have his indentures.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

$25 Reward.

WILL be given for the delivery to me, or for the confinement in the Jail of Cumberland county, of DAVID BOOKER, who ranaway from me about the middle of last June.

DESCRIPTION. – Booker is about 5 feet 10 inches high, very black, has fine white teeth, speaks pleasingly when in conversation, is about forty years old, and in walking bends forward considerably. He is a Blacksmith by trade.

I have his indentures for two years from 1st of May 1854, for costs and charges in State case vs. him, in the Superior Court of Cumberland county; and all persons are cautioned not to employ him without my consent.  T.R. UNDERWOOD.  Dec. 19, 1854.

Semi-Weekly Fayetteville Observer, 22 February 1855.