Each shall have possession during his or her lifetime.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Be it remembered that I Zion Reid of Wayne County in the State of N.C. being of sound mind and memory, but being well aware of the uncertainty of this life, do hereby make this my last Will and testament

After the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses I bequeath and devise as follows. My wife Lucy Reid should she be the longest lived shall have full control of my property during her life and then all my land shall be equally divided among my children or their lawful heirs: provided that Billie and Zion Jr. shall each have eight acres of Land lying around the home and then an equal division with the other of the remainder. Of my other property in whatever it may consist Billie and Zion Jr. shall each have $150.00 Julius $100 and Bryant Smith $50.00 and James $10.00 after this each one of my children except Julius shall share equally in the remaining that I further devise that no one of the children have power to sell or in any way encumber any prt or parcel of said land. That each shall have possession during his or her life then the same shall be held only by his or her lawfull heirs during their life &c. James shall only be subject to hold that part allotted if his family be agreeable to the other children and neighbors. I further direct that my son Isaac and E.E. Smith shall be administrators of the estate.    /s/ Zion Reid

Signed in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence do hereby subscribe our names as witnesses thereto  Witness J.F. Dobson, J.A. Washington.

[Proved 3 December 1890.] Will Book 1, page 539. Office of Clerk of Superior Court, Wayne County Courthouse, Goldsboro.