Colored Baptist Church.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Samuel Sampson and his wife, Maria sold a plot of land on Warsaw Road (now College Street) for a sum of $60.00 paid by members of the Colored Baptist Church conveyed unto Balam Best, Warren Holmes, and Boyt (Boyette) Robinson chosen as trustees and their successors by the Colored Church, deeded February 23, 1870 and registered by Probate Judge J. H. Morrisey on April 26, 1879; Deed Book 37 Pages 493-494.

Hardy Bunting, Cato Brunson, Balam Best, Warren Holmes, Daniel Moore, Agrippa Bizzell, Ronnie Bennett, and Unus Hubbard became the first deacons of the church and their wives, Sarah Bunting, Jane Brunson, Elizabeth Holmes, Eliza Moore, Edith Bizzell, Rosa Bennett, and Alice Hubbard were the first Mothers of the church.

Excerpt from history of First Baptist Church of Clinton,

In the 1850 census of Northern District, Sampson County: Polly Bizzell, 37, and children Griffith, 8, Ann, 6, Penelope, 4, and Claudius, 3. In the 1860 census of Clinton, Sampson County: Holland, 21, Agrippa, 18, Ann, 16, Penelope, 14, and Claudius B. Bizzell, 12, in the household of William E. Draughorn, farmer.