Unfavorable reports.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


Mr. Courts, from the Committee on Propositions and Grievances, reported unfavorably in the bill to emancipate Jno. Good. On motion of Mr. Jones, of Orange, the bill was indefinitely postponed. Also, unfavorably, to the bill to authorize a free colored man of Wayne, to emancipate his wife and children. … Mr. Stanly said this was a case of great hardship, and he had heard the remarks of the gentleman from Wayne, not without being moved by the representation. … The bill was postponed – 56 to 53.

Mr. Courts also reported unfavorably to the bill authorizing Danl. Skein to emancipate his wife. On motion, it was indefinitely postponed.

Carolina Watchman, Salisbury, 18 January 1849.

[Sidenote: “A free colored man of Wayne County” was Hillary Croom. — LYH]