The generosity of a free colored woman.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

WILKESBORO’, N.C., Nov. 17, 1861.

Mr. HOLDEN: I am sure that you will esteem worthy of notice in the columns of your valuable paper, the generosity of a free colored woman, Ann Grinton, living in the family of Dr. Calloway, towards the soldiers of this country, to whom is repeatedly sending article of apparel and food, which the soldier must appreciate – and seldom an opportunity passes that she does not largely contribute. I subjoin a list of articles that she contributed towards a box, the packing of which came under my supervisions, recently.

Respectfully, H.P.C.

1 bed quilt, 1 bed tick, 3 pair socks, 1 pillow case, 1 pound feathers, 4 pair woolen gloves, 8 linen towels, 3 bottles brandy, 3 bottles blackberry wine, 1 parcel of red-pepper, 4 boxes prepared mustard, 1 bottle R.R. Relief, 2 bars turpentine soap, jar of butter 10 ¾ pounds, 2 bottles sweet pickle, jar of quince preserves, 2 large pound cakes, ginger-cakes, loaf of rusk, 2 loaves of light bread, 2 bushels apples, 1 bushel chestnuts, 1 peck of onions, a parcel of dog-wood, cabbage and wild cherry.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 4 December 1861.

In the 1860 census of Upper Division, Wilkes County: Ann Grinton, 25, Phebe Grinton, 3 months, and Roxan Harris, 21, in the household of Jas. Callaway, physician.

North Carolina Certificate of Death: Ann Grinton. Died 5 June 1925, Wilkesboro, Wilkes County. Colored. Divorced from Sag Hampton. Born 1830 in Wilkes County to unknown parents. Buried Harris G.Y. Informant, Jim Williams.