He answers very quick; she has a brazen look.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

One hundred dollars reward.

RUNAWAY from the subscriber, on the 3rd July 1819, two negroes, one man named Jacob, about thirty five years old, of yellow complexion, about five feet ten inches high, when spoken to, answers very quick. When he runaway from me he carried with him one blue coat and pantaloons of common broad cloth, one pair ditto of green homespun, double wove, and one new furred hat and one pair of boots. The woman Jude, about forty years old, little inclined to yellow, of a thin visage, thick lips, with a brazen look. When she left me she carried off two silk frocks, one of them were black, and the other checked, one bonnet of a red changeable silk. Jacob is a very sensible cunning fellow and will try to pass a free person of colour. I think it likely they have procured free passes, Jacob will likely pass by the name of John Bell, he can read — Jude will pass by the name of Vilet Horn, as she has procured a pass from a woman by that name. I think it most likely they will make for the north. I will give the above reward to any person delivering them to me or securing them in any jail so that I get them again.   EZEKIEL STATON.  Tarborough, July 25, 1819.

Star, Raleigh, 27 August 1819.