Free-Issue Death Certificates: THOMAS.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Adline Thomas. Died 30 March 1926, Gardners, Wilson County. Colored. Signle. Age 91. Born Edgecombe County to Jerdon Thomas of Franklin County and Chattie Thomas of unknown. Buried Rountrees cemetery, Wilson. Informant, Anderson Thomas.

Peter Thomas.  Died 7 July 1929, Wilson, Wilson County. Colored. Married to Maggie Thomas. Age 78. Farmer. Born Wilson County to Jordon Thomas of Wilson County and Rosa Thomas of Wilson County. Buried Penders Family Cemetery, Wilson County. Informant, Sudie Barnes.

Jordan Thomas. Died 19 December 1932, Toisnot, Wilson County. Colored. Age 70. Farmer. Buried Wilson County to Henrietta Thomas and unknown father. Informant, J.T Barnes.

Alfred Thomas. Died 16 January 1933, Wilson, Wilson County. Colored. Widower of Lula Thomas. Age 70. Farmer. Born Wilson County to unknown father and Adline Thomas. Informant, John Thomas.