Free colored Baptists.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

“The early rolls of the white First Baptist Church [founded in 1843] carried its Negro membership. … Of this group of 34 members, twenty-four were members of the white church, and ten came in as original members of the new [African-American] church.”

George Hooks, Angelina Capps, Chloe Morrisey, Chloe Baker, Esther Carroll, Mary Hines, Ammon Webb, Dolly Burnett, Mary Burnett, Anise Exum, William Wade, Sarah Washington, Martha Suggs, Harriett Wilcox, Simon Morrisey, Penney Fields, Serena Dewey, Peggy Privett, George Washington, Abram Baker, Moses Carroll, Rachell Hassell, Patience Essler, Keziah Burnett, Winney Green, Milley Cogdell, Charles Wait Thompson, Lizzy Thompson, Amy Ford, John C. Privott, Burley Burrell, Betsy Baker, Amy Lynch, Sarah Jernigan.

From First African Baptist Church 1864-1978: Dedicatorial Year, published by First African Baptist Church, Goldsboro.

In the 1860 census of Goldsboro, Wayne County: Susan Bordan, 70, baker; Angia Capps, 60, sewer; and Catharine Carrol, 7. Also, Dolly Burnett, 20, “serving,” Polly Burnett, 18, Betsy Burnett, 5, and William An Burnett, 3.

In the 1850 census of the North Side of Neuse, Wayne County: Cuzzy Green40, and William Burnett, 35, barber, who claimed $300 property.