Penalties for gaming and gathering.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

ORDINANCES. From and after the 20th Instant, the following Ordinances will be rigidily [sic] enforced. By Order of the Commissioners, NATHAN TISDALE, C.C.

Newbern, June 16, 1827 – ‘82 83.

“In order to prevent as much as possible all indecent, riotous and scandalous behavior of free negros and slaves, It is hereby ordained, that if any negroes or mulattoes shall be found gaming at fives cat, or other games on Sundays, or shall be seen gathering together in the streets, or other places, at any time, in a quarrelsome, riotous, or disorderly manner, each of them shall, for every such offence, on conviction before a Magistrate, or the Intendent of Police, at his discretion, suffer the punishment of twenty four hours imprisonment, or whipping, not exceeding thirty-nine lashes on his or her bare back.  Passed 10th July, 1801.

Newbern Sentinel, 16 June 1827.