They found him in a contuse situation.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


HORRID MURDER. – An atrocious murder was committed near New-Market, Bertie county, on Saturday the 26th ult. on the person of Mr. James Hayes – It appears that Hayes went in the morning in the field in which his servants were at work, and did not return as usual. – His family could not learn the cause of his unusual absence, & on Thursday they suspected he must have been put to death. The neighbourhood was alarmed and a general search was made for him. They had been gone but a few minutes before they found him scarcely covered, and in a very contuse situation – The servants were immediately apprehended and examined – One of them, a woman, said that Anthony Wiggins, a mulatto, had murdered him and in conjunction with two others had deposited him away, and declared if she ever told they would take her life. Wiggins is a free man, but in consequence of some incident had given his indentured to Hayes for life, and it is supposed it was a preconcerted plan in order to recover his freedom – The whole of them are in Windsor jail, and undubitably will receive death as an atonement for their enormous crime.   New-Market, June 1, 1810.

Star, Raleigh, 7 June 1810.