The war effort.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

CHAPEL HILL. – A letter from a friend at Chapel Hill informs us that a full company of Volunteers under Capt. Richard J. Ashe left that place on Saturday last. It comprised about 20 of the Students and the choice spirits of the community. A fund of about $1600 was cheerfully contributed in the village, and wagons loaded with provisions had been coming in from the country for some days. The free negro population asked the privilege of contributing, and gave from $10 to $15 each. A free washerwoman whose husband is a slave went out and collected $5 to expend for provisions for the company. Our correspondent says justly, that with God’s help a people so united cannot be overcome by any nation.

A large party of slaves and free men of color were assembled here on Saturday last, from the town and county, ready to start for labor at Fort Caswell, but instructions were received to send no more, and they were reluctantly disbanded.

Carolina Observer, Fayetteville, 29 April 1861.