A gang of bold rascals.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

ROGUES CAUGHT. – A few nights ago the smoke-house of Thos. J. Curtis, in this vicinity, was robbed of some 1000 lbs. of bacon, by a gang of bold rascals who it seems took a carry-all to the spot to bring off some of their plunder. Mr. C. the next day ferreted out some of the rogues, had two of them – Enoch Manuel, a free negro, and Isaac Hobbs, a slave – arrested and committed to jail, and recovered nearly half of the bacon. He deserve [sic] the thanks of the public for his energy.

Carolina Observer, Fayetteville, 31 March 1862.

In the 1860 census of Fayetteville, Cumberland County: Caroline Manuel, 25, Enoch Manuel, 35, boat man, and Clarissa Manuel, 10. But also: Clement G. White, 35, lawyer, his wife Annett, 25, and Enoch Manuel, 36, farm hand.