Wayne County Apprentices, 1836-37.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Calvin Artis, 15, was bound to Erastus Ham in 1836.

Rufus Lane, 9, was bound to Joel Lane in 1836.

Bryan and Lucy [no last names or ages] were bound to John Barfield in 1836.

Sip Read was bound to Sherard Barden in 1837.

Washington Read, 18, was bound to Burket Barnes in 1837.

Rufus Lane, 7, was bound to John Exum in 1837.

Sint Hagans, 16, Hilory Hagans, 20, and Betsey Hagans, 18, were bound to Exum Pike in 1837.

John Hays, 16, was bound to Ephraim Grant in 1837.

Dorcas Hall, 18, was bound to Martin Sauls in 1837.

Churchill Herring, 13, and Charles Herring, 9, were bound to William Wilkins in 1837. Churchill was to learn to be a “gig or wagon maker;” Charles, a mechanic.

Benja Ann Hall, 2, Winnie Hall, 4, Sam Hall, 5, and Mozana Hall, 6, were bound to Starling Daniel in 1837.

Edy Burnett, 10, and Barna Burnett, 5, were bound to Everett Joyner in 1837.

Ephraim Hagans, 10, was bound to Zachariah Davis in 1837.

Susan Artis was bound to Edwin Bryan in 1837.

Harriet Seaberry was bound to Henry Best in 1837.

Minerva Artis, 4, Rufus Artis, Benajah Artis, and Julia Artis were bound to Edwin Bryan in 1837.