For the suppression of disorderly conduct.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Town Ordinance.

At a meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the town of Hillsborough, held on the 3d of February, 1849, it was ordered that the following Ordinance be published in the Hillsborough Recorder and North Carolina Democrat:

Sect. 18: And be it further ordained, That is shall be the duty of the Town Constable, and the Captain of each company of patrol, to disperse all collections or assemblies of negroes and mulattoes, in the streets, and to quall all rioting, quarrelling, loud and profane cursing and swearing, whether by free persons or slaves, and to suppress all disorderly behavior of every kind, by whomsoever done; to effect which purpose, they shall have it in their power to call to their assistance any citizen of said town, who, on refusing to give his assistance, shall be fined, not exceeding four dollars; and the Magistrate of the Police shall fine not exceeding ten dollars, or imprison at his discretion, all free persons behaving in such riotous and disorderly manner, and commit him, her or them to jail, until such fine and costs thereon be paid.

It was also ordered, that the officers of the town be especially required to enforce the above ordinance, and also the following, viz: the ordinance to prevent shooting within the limits of the town; the ordinance to prevent galloping, or riding or driving immoderately through the streets; the ordinance to prevent the throwing, pitching or flinging of stones, sticks, bricks, &c., within the limits of the town; and also the ordinance to prevent the carrying of fire, unless covered, through the lots, streets, &c. of said town.

By order of the Board, E.A. HEARTT, Town Clerk. February 5.

Hillsborough Recorder, 7 February 1849.