Church roots.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

St. Matthews Church History (1890-1992)

St. Matthews Presbyterian Church was organized October 5, 1890 under the auspices of The Reverend Clarence Dillard. Reverend Dillard was then moderator of Shiloh Presbyterian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina and saw the need for and future success of a Presbyterian Church in Dudley.

Reverend Dillard worked diligently to get the Church organized and was its first Moderator, serving the Church from 1890 until 1913. There were nine known original members, most of whom have descendants who are members today. The original members were Mr. Washington Simmons, a teacher in Dudley; Mrs. Amanda Hagans, Mr. Wesley Budd and wife Julia, Mr. William Newkirk and wife Hattie Ann, Mr. Isaac Griswold and wife Cherry, and Mrs. Tempsy Boseman.